06 March 2012

We've recently established the first 80 And Platin...

We've recently established the first 80 And Platinum PSUs to be able to hit my labs, courtesy of Seasonic and Enermax. Either were amazing and if expensive PSUs, and also following up along test bench is actually a Platinum shows that is sold through a brand with out their own PSU factory: XFX. They will sent me their own newest tool, the Pro Shows 80 Plus Platinum Darker Release, which club thises sights along luxurious of the scene. XFX has created an interesting body with such uncommon elements, however we need to see how good this sort actually is actually. While efficiency is all the marketing rage in the world of PSUs, we should keep in mind that many manufacturers are trying to reach 80 Plus Platinum levels using some "tricks". As we noted in our Seasonic article, there are various routes to higher efficiency, like removing resistors that may fill other roles. Shunt resistors for example transform some of the power into power loss when current flows through it, since there is a voltage drop. That's actually their job as they measure and prevent overcurrent in an indirect way. On the following pages we will show how XFX reached the requirements for 80 Plus Platinum (90%/92%/89% efficiency at 20%/50%/100% load), and we'll also discuss the ODM and how well the XFX model fares in an increasingly crowded market.

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