06 March 2012

AMD Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition & Radeon HD 7850 Review: Rounding Out Southern Islands

n 2009-2010, AMD completed the whole 4 chip Evergreen series beneath 6 months. By final standards which remained a quick step with regard to a teenage design, especially as AMD had but not is actually attempted one 4 chip launch in these a manner. Right now in 2012 AMD’s Southern Beaches organization is daunting at work on wrapping up themselves launch with teenage aspirations upon speed. Evergreen may have completed 4 chips in 6 several weeks, but which week AMD will be learning the 3 chip Southern Islands cast in half time - 3 chips beneath one mere 3 several weeks.

To that death today AMD is actually going to the wraps away the last piece of both the Southern Beaches puzzle: Pitcairn. Between child of the parents, it will be the main on AMD’s $250+ enthusiast component Radeon HD 7800 shows. We’ve finded AMD capture the luxurious with the 7900 shows and also struggle to handle the mainstream scene with the 7700 shows, however how accomplishes both the 7800 series cost amidst AMD’s lead beneath deploying 28nm GPUs? Allow’s access out.

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